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Water with love, the garden in your heart.

This non-commercial endeavor found its home in beautiful Balboa park, where we found our collective voice through the lyrics of this 50 year old song.


Our mission is a gift of reverence to this venue and the truth she revealed to us, that love expands…

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Thank You To All Our

Collaborators and Supporters

David Yuter

Jamie Shadowlight

Arnie Vilches

Noah D'Ambrosi

Gary Geiler

Dan Yuter

Zyanya Ribeiro

Guilherme Ribeiro

Tiffany Callier

Jazmine Rogers

Kori Gills

Kristi Rucker

Mark Goffeney

Fransisco Osio

Patricia Lotufo 

Paul and Gigi

Supported by School for Creative Careers

Music Director: David Yuter

Producers: Ray and Renee Yomtob

Director of Photography : Sam Hoiland

B Camera Operator: Alex Simon

Editor: Sam Hoiland

Pacific Beat Recording

Fair Trade Music

Tribute to Betty B

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